This rigorous course is designed to be the equivalent of a college introductory biology course taken by science majors their freshman year. It builds on basic concepts taught in both biology and chemistry, and is open to students who passed both classes with an 85% or better. The class meets each day and covers the Big Ideas of Evolution, Cellular processes of Energy and Communication, Genetics and Information Transfer and Interaction. The curriculum is set by the Collegboard at It is expected that all students taking AP Biology take the exam in May. All AP Biology students create an investigation, conduct research and present to a panel of judges at the New Hampshire Science and Engineering Expo each March. They also become Marine Instructors demonstrating their knowledge at various instructional stations on land and the floating lab, the Granite State during the Marine Unit in May.This is a wonderful opportunity for students to participate in a college level course, grow in their understanding of biology and if successfully passing the AP exam with a 3 or higher they may gain 8 college credits.