This course emphasizes the general principles that are used in accounting systems of both service and merchandising businesses. Students learn to record and post transactions, prepare financial statements, and adjust and close accounts at the end of a fiscal period. Students begin analysis of financial reports from a management perspective. Accounting I provides a foundation for students expecting to pursue higher education in any business field.

This course is part of project running start (Manchester Community College: ACCT 113 - 3 Credits)

Students will build upon Accounting I principles with the introduction of an accounting software program. Additionally, students will explore the concepts in Managerial Accounting and special journals, receivables/payables, and an introduction to payroll.  

This course is part of Project Running Start (Manchester Community College: ACCT 113 - 3 Credits)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: During this half-year class, students will spend time learning about MS Office 2007. Students will work using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Outlook. Additionally, students will engage in current event technology activities as well as learning about computer/technology and Internet Safety and Ethics in Technology.

During this half-year course, students will spend time learning and practicing the most current applications and topics for the business world, including word processing, electronic presentations, spreadsheet, publishing, and other topics as appropriate.

Mrs. Scarlett ( or 497-4841 (ext. 5422)

Course Description: During this half year class students will spend time reviewing many of the aspects involved with personal finance including, personal financial planning, budgeting money, consumer credit strategies, consumerism, various investment choices, taxes & insurance and career explorations. There will be projects, journaling and group work/discussions. This class is now a Running Start optional course.
During this half-year course, students will spend time reviewing economics, careers, consumerism, marketing, and international business and its impact on our economy. We will spend class time working on projects, reading business journals and discussing them, and engaging in group work. Current news will be heavily integrated into this course.

Technology, including Moodle, will be routinely used in this class.
Mrs. Scarlett ( or 497-4841 ext 5422)

Course Description: Project Running Start course- (MCC: BUS 114 - 3 College Credits available). During this full year class we will cover the principles and techniques underlying the successful organization and management of businesses. Using traditional analyses and extensive projects and case studies, students will be introduced to the management functions necessary to successfully run a small business.
Principles of Marketing
Mrs. Scarlett ( or 497-4841 ext 5422)

Course Description: During this full year class (Running Start – optional) students will spend time reviewing marketing concepts, marketing careers, the marketing mix, advertising, consumerism, international marketing and distribution channels. We will spend time working on class projects both independently and in groups. Additionally, students enrolled in this class will apply their skills working in the school store.

School-to-Career Internship is a one-semester work-based exploration that offers juniors and seniors a real work experience in conjunction with academic classes.  Students will work with a school-based mentor who will coordinate the academic focus, studying certain, or all, components of the industry work experience.  Students are expected to secure their own work sites, but assistance may be provided to those who need.  Career field choice should be relevant to a particular career interest.  These work experiences may or may not be paid positions and will depend on the individual situation.