1⁄2 Credit

Satisfies Fine Art Requirement

Available to students in grades 9-12

Prerequisite: Minimum score of 90% on Safety Exam

This course is an introduction to basic welding skills and metal working techniques used in the exploration of metal sculpture. This course covers instruction in safety procedures, history of welding, identification of metals, and the hot and cold working of steel. Students will work with shielded metal arc welding, oxyacetylene techniques, plasma arc cutting, weld design and finishing techniques. Technical skills will be emphasized through hands on instruction and practice. There will be opportunity for creative expression and practical application.
This course is designed to improve student’s knowledge in CAD in order to produce more sophisticated computer graphics. Successful students will gain an in-depth knowledge of drafting fundamentals and 3-D and solid modeling concepts. CNC machining will be introduced at this level.

1⁄2 Credit

Satisfies Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Available to students in grades 9-12

Graphic Arts is designed to offer students an overview of programs and techniques used to efficiently and clearly communicate ideas.  Problem solving and other basic skills are developed in the area of design, page layout, printing methods, computer image editing, and finishing. Students will become familiar with and work with both vector and bitmap images using the Adobe Illustrator® and Photoshop® programs.

Multiple modalities are employed to accommodate different learning styles and educational needs through structured exercises, lecture, and demonstration.  Assigned and individual projects reinforce and advance student learning. Career opportunities are explored.

This course is designed to build on the skills acquired in Graphic Arts I, students will develop individual and group projects emphasizing effective communication. Students will do assignments that will result in the generation of usable finished products such as T-shirts, business cards, and fliers, through the use of conventional printing and computer image editing techniques.

This course is the study of communications using computer graphics. It is designed to acquaint students with typical computer - aided - design fundamental s. Successful students will learn basic commands and how to use these commands to produce manufacturing and engineering drawings and other useful graphic

This is a lab based course that uses a hands - on approach to introduce the basic concepts of robotics. Students will focus on the design, construction and programming of autonomous mobile robots using the VEX Robotic Design System. We will work in groups using previous knowledge in STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics while using the Design Process to solve problems, These problems are directly related to technology and will involve testing increasingly more complex mobile robots culminating in an end-of-year robot competition.

1⁄2 Credit

Satisfies Information & Communications Technologies (ICT) or Fine Art Requirement

Available to students in grades 9-12

A 35mm SLR manual camera is required for this course.

This course introduces students to basic black and white photography.  It is a study of the camera, film, exposure, developing and printing as well as the history and aesthetics of photography. Students will explore digital photography and computer enhancement using Adobe Photoshop Software.


Wood I - Available to students in grades 9-12 (½ Credit)
This course is an introduction to working with wood as a production medium. Students will learn how to use layout tools, safely use hand tools and safely set up and operate power equipment. Additional topics will include tool care and maintenance, time management, general lab safety, and cleanup. Lab time will be spent completing projects to reinforce concepts reviewed in class.

(Does not count as Art or ICT credit)